Daily Reflection
January 28th, 2006

Pat Callone

Institutional Relations
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Today Mark gives us the picture of Jesus rebuking the wind and the sea when the violent squall came up as they were passing from one side of the sea to the other.

Jesus says to the wind and the sea, “Quiet! Be still!” The wind ceased and there was great calm. Then he asked the disciples, “Why are you so terrified? Do you not yet have faith?”

I’m afraid if I were in the boat with Jesus and the disciples and the winds and waves became so threatening, I too would go to Jesus and say, “Can’t you see we are in danger? Master, help us!”

And Jesus would say the same thing to me: “Why are you so terrified? Do you not yet have faith?”

And I would respond, “I have faith, Lord. But it didn’t seem as if you were paying attention.” I expect His response would be something like: “I am always aware of what is going on with you. Don’t you yet believe in my power? Have I not always taken care of you?” And He would have to remind me how many times I have felt the same way and prayed the same words: “Lord, help me here. It is getting pretty rough. Can you hear me? Can’t you see I need help?”

Evidently Jesus expects us to have deep faith….not just a little faith. And I think that comes only upon reflection about our own relationship with Jesus. For each of us Jesus could go down a list that hundreds of times He has taken care of us…..with our asking…and without our asking. He could say to me:

“Don’t you remember when your mom had pneumonia and you called for help, and she recovered? Don’t you remember when your mom needed comfort in her sickness? Didn’t she pass quietly? Don’t you remember when your dad didn’t know you, and I gave you the courage to stay with him until the end? Don’t you remember when your husband had those infections, and I helped you and Bill through the surgeries?” Jesus could go on and on.

So why can’t I remember? I need to set aside more time for reflection on God’s goodness to me and my family. I need to be grateful for all that I have and remind myself of God’s constant care for me. Perhaps you have the same weakness as I do. If so, let us pray:

“O Lord, have pity on us of little faith; help us remember the many times you have been there to help us; help us trust You and have more faith in You. For we mortals are weaker than we think. We are more dependent on You than we can ever imagine. Have mercy on us and keep us close. Amen.”

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