Daily Reflection
April 25th, 2008

Bob Berry

Department of Information Technology
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The word “humility” is sometimes confused with being weak. In the Christian sense, humility deals with an attitude of modesty, selflessness, gentleness, grace, meekness and forbearance. Humility in this sense is one of the virtues most pleasing to God. I can clearly remember my years as a teenager being teased by my friends because of my attempt to speak proper English, and thought of myself as being somebody, but thanks be to God, that it is not about me, but about Him. Jesus Christ is the greatest example of humility. In an act of total self-denial, the eternal son of God humbled Himself to the extent of taking human form and in the end dying to save sinful man. Jesus was never boastful, and never acted in his own interests, but he always submitted to his Father’s will and served his fellowman.

In Psalms 89, we see where because of God’s covenant with David, to bless him and his generations to come. David praises God for his Mercy and Grace toward him. Mercy is shown by God to keep back or protect us from the judgment we deserve. Grace is the undeserved favor of God unto us. We are saved by Grace, and not by our works.

In Mark 16:15-20, we have the post-resurrection ministry of Jesus. Prior to Jesus ascending into the heavens, he appeared to his disciples to give final instructions, the Great Commission. Before they were to go out evangelizing, they were instructed to go back to Jerusalem and wait for the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. We still today have the guidance of the Holy Spirit through our daily journey.

So if we humble ourselves and pray, and seek God’s face, then we shall hear from Heaven, and we shall be able to sing praises to him forever.

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