Daily Reflection
June 7th, 1999
Pat Callone
President's Office
2 Corinthians 1:1-7
Psalm 34:2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9
Matthew 5:1-12
Today's Gospel is the Sermon on the Mount.  I can do no better than to let you read the following:

"Jesus saw the crowds and went up the hill where he sat down.  His disciples gathered around him, and he began to teach them:

Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor;
  The kingdom of God belongs to them!
Happy are those who mourn;
  God will comfort them!
Happy are those who are humble;
  They will receive what God has promised!
Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires;
  God will satisfy them fully!
Happy are those who are merciful to others;
  God will be merciful to them!
Happy are the pure in heart;
  They will see God!
Happy are those who work for peace;
  God will call them his children!
Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires;
  The kingdom of heaven belongs to them!
Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my followers.  Be happy and glad, for a great reward is kept for you in heaven.  This is how the prophets who lived before you were persecuted."

In my Good News Bible, Today's English Version the text refers to "True Happiness" (Luke 6:20-23).  I am reminded of a class I had in college - years ago.

The professor was talking about the many religions in the world and which religion follows whom....  He said something like:  "If it happened that after living our lives, we found that Jesus was not the Son of God, we would find that Jesus taught us how to live life to the fullest.  He has given us the blueprint to live a life filled with true happiness."

How fortunate we are that God's goodness has given us Jesus - The Way, The Truth, and The Light.

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