Daily Reflection
April 9th, 1999
Joan Lanahan
Nursing - Chaplain
Acts 4:l-l2
John 21:l-l4

Both of today's readings help us reflect on the power of Jesus.  In Acts, a crippled man is healed and the apostles proclaim Jesus' name.  In John, we witness Jesus' miraculous feast for his apostles by the lake.  Jesus, bread and fish are staples of life.

Johnnie, a 4 year old boy, was having trouble falling asleep at night.  He would call out "Daddy" and Daddy would go upstairs to tuck him in.  At first Johnnie wanted a sip of water, then a hug.  By the third time, Daddy was losing patience and asked, "Johnnie, what is the matter?  I am scared", replied Johnnie.  "Well, you have your night light on, your Mommy and I are downstairs and remember, Jesus is with you.  Yes, but I need Jesus with skin on," replies Johnnie.

We hear often "Jesus saves."  Yes, that's true.  Not many of us experience a lightning bolt nor fall off a horse. Crises in life can help us reform our image of God and heal us.  Most of the time though, Jesus saves: healing and transformation, happens daily in small ways.

We are "Jesus with skin on," Eucharist, in our smiles for each other, our heartily meant "how are you," our kindnesses and reaching out to others, receiving someone who is hurting and being compassionate, and in our forgiveness of someone we believe has hurt us.  What are some ways you are giving Eucharist to others?

We also receive Eucharist.  When we are having a "bad hair day" and allow another to comfort and cheer us;  when we say "no, I can't" because we don't have the time or energy to do one more thing; or when we accept love, we are Johnnie!

Jesus needs us to nourish others.  Jesus wants to nourish us.  Receive Jesus.

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