Reflection for Wednesday, June 28, 2006: 12th week in Ordinary Time.

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Schuler, Jeanne
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Spiritual Imposters|The people had drifted away from God. New shrines, new priests, new spirits promised to show the way. Trouble was coming to the kingdom, and every being of the zodiac was petitioned for help. Who knows where the real power lies? Leave a sacrifice at every altar, just to be sure. Besides, idols are good business. The marketplace hummed with the transactions surrounding worship.|In our confusion, we were afraid to leave anything untried. The hubbub of the lost years.|A book was found in the temple, and the scribe read it to the high priest, the king, and then to all the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Everyone listened intently as the laws were read. How far they had strayed from the ways of their ancestors? The covenant, with its forgotten words, took them by surprise. Is this who God is? Is this who we are? The king smashed the idols and desecrated the altars with the bones of the pretenders. God, we renew our promises. We won't abandon you again.|Finding God, we find ourselves.|Now it is different. We try hard to be open-minded. Who knows where the truth lies? Are all gods equally idols? Would any book show me who I am? Does one law reveal more than the rest? We pick up books. Words, words, words. Where does the truth lie? We observe and speculate and wait.|As of old, you do not abandon us. You enter into our cloaked lives. It is not words you seek. It is not biting questions or great thoughts. Clarity is not salvation. Look at what steps forth from our our day. Whom have we loved? Did we seek healing? Do we settle for theory? Do we keep our distance or do we act? God, you show your face in the poor, the lonely, the children. Did I recognize you today?|God, let my life bear fruit.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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