Reflection for Friday, May 21, 2004: 6th week in Easter.

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Cherney, Mike
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You can lock up the bold men |Go and lock up your bold men |And hold men in tow, |You can stifle all adventure |For a century or so. |Smother hope before it's risen, |Watch it wizen like a gourd, |But you cannot imprison |The Word of the Lord. |-from Bernstein's Mass |In today's readings we see two situations, which are not the best of times for those involved. This is what I think of as "the middle airplane seat syndrome", a situation where all three parties that are concerned are made uncomfortable. It is particularly difficult for the one in the middle. Paul's presence creates trouble for both the secular and religious powers. |I wish that I would occasionally receive a message from on high that was as clear and as reinforcing as Paul's vision. The revelation is fulfilled; nevertheless, given his circumstances, Paul was a very fortunate man. I would have imagined that Gallio would have wanted to keep order. Whether it was a "Jewish dispute" or not, my guess was that order would have been imposed. In different ways, I find myself in the middle seat. The people of power are sitting on both sides and they aren't happy to see me. Change is hard and people don't like it, especially when it threatens the source of power. My own observations suggest that the weaker the leader, the more resistant they are to change.|Jesus will present a challenge to both secular and religious authorities just as Paul did. In the Gospel, Jesus forecasts a much more difficult future for himself. He predicts intense suffering followed only later by transcendence over this suffering. The sixteenth chapter of John goes even further. It alludes to the fact that Jesus' followers will also share in the passion. For the early Christians this was not only a painful, but also a bloody experience. I look at our world and see men and women of faith carrying out great and dangerous acts of heroism. I also am forced to confront my own fears and weaknesses. I note my spiritual failures even in the tasks of daily life. |I pray for the strength to endure the immediate challenges. I pray for faith and patience as we attend the Word of the Lord.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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