la grenouille qui veut se fair aussi grosse que le boeuf

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Réécrit, imaginé et illustré par Paul Beaupère; textes du documentaire et des jeux: Valérie Videau
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This is the fourth acquisition among the series of six. The pamphlet offers delightful cartoons, starting with the front-cover's contrast of the frog standing on a box on top of a stool to try to measure up with the athletic bull flexing his muscles. First the fable is told in its entirety, with helpful vocabulary at the page bottom. Then we start putting the story into a context for today by taking a few lines at a time, creating a contemporary narrative, and giving these lines a two-page picture. Two little frogs are visiting a county fair, and one, Rosine, is attracted to Archibald, an athletic bull. She tries to ring the bell with a big hammer and gets only a quarter of the way there. The next day she starts working out at the gym and asks her sister Solange if she is approaching Archibald's muscularity. She also swims. Wherever she goes, she puts up posters of Archibald. When that approach does not work, she begins to eat everything in sight and keeps asking Solange if she notices a change in her physique. At this point she is developing a beerbelly. After a while she starts to approximate Jabba the Hut: a huge blob of flesh. The final explosion here is dramatically depicted. "Nothing of Rosine remained." La Fontaine's general comment on people wanting to expand themselves is well represented by a snail carrying an enormous house. In the last picture, Rosine is an angel sitting on a lion's shoulder contemplating a rooster carried in a sedilia by servant chickens. Now, too late, she understands that the task is to be ourselves. The last pages have plenty of good information about both insects and also good questions to ponder. This copy has a moderate crease down the center from top to bottom. I learned here that bulls drink 80 liters of water a day!
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