Mini Treasure Chest of Great Fairy Tales III Book 3

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Holeinone, Peter
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The back cover lists the three stories in this 16-page pamphlet: "Ali Baba"; "Amin and the Eggs"; and "The Tail of the Bear." "Amin and the Eggs" is a clever story. Amin is a poor peasant who gets a dozen hard-boiled eggs from a merchant, promising to pay for them later. He goes off, makes a fortune, and returns. The merchant looks him up and asks for 500 silver pieces. Amin disagrees and the case goes to a judge. Amin is late for the trial the next day, where the merchant explains that twelve chickens might have laid many eggs, which might have become a great flock of fowls. The judge agrees and then asks Amin why he was late. "I had a plate of boiled beans in the house, so I planted them in the garden to make sure I'd have a good crop next year." The judge asks "Since when do boiled beans grow?" "Aha! And since when do boiled eggs hatch into chickens?" "The Tail of the Bear" puts together two stories: the fox knocks a basket of fish off of the fisherman's cart on the road. The bear comes upon the fox, who has to make up a good story fast if he is to avoid sharing his fish. So he gets the bear to go ice-fishing. In this good version, the bear waits a long time for a "bite." When he feels it, he pulls with all his might. Gone is his tail! The art and arrangement are familiar from Tormont's many other publications. The front cover's picture shows Ali Baba coming upon great treasures. Otherwise the cover format and illustrations are identical with those in III 2. Like III 2, this Book Three of the Third Series includes no bibliographical data. Apparently one consults Book 1 of a series for that information.
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