Reflection for Saturday, June 16, 2018: 10th Week of Ordinary Time.

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Cherney, Mike
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In the first reading, Elisha wholeheartedly accepts his call. In the Gospel, Jesus discusses oaths. Today I am drawn to reflect on how I live out my call.|God makes Elijah aware of His intention to make Elisha his successor. Elijah gives his cloak to Elisha as a sign of his calling. I see strong indications of trust in God both from Elijah who chooses a man that he has never met as his successor and from Elisha in his acceptance. From the description of his property Elisha was in a good state financially, but he gives it all up and enters into service when he is called to be Elijah's attendant and mentee.|In Chapter 5 of Mark's Gospel, Jesus is building on His Sermon on the Mount in a series of teachings that seem to follow from His understanding of the commandments. My thought is that His commentary on oaths expands an understanding of the prohibition of "bearing false witness" into a call for integrity. I feel that the whole of this chapter has Jesus getting away from obedience to the letter of the law and reminding us of the higher calling that grows out of the underlying intent of the Lord's message to His people.|My life falls far short of Elisha's response to his call. Although I have turned down opportunities to make more money doing things that would not have contributed to the greater good, I cannot say that I have given all that I might have. I have led a pretty comfortable life. I look at what has been amassed in my retirement funds. Although I donate and volunteer, I carefully maintain a safety net for myself. I do not have the faith of Elisha. It is noteworthy that today's Psalm passage does not focus on an inherence of wealth, but rather on the sufficiency that is provided in God.|A few months ago, I spoke with a classmate who has suffered a stroke. When I called, he admitted that his memories of our exploits were no longer terribly vivid, but he thinks he remembers me as being a nice guy. It was then I knew how much the stroke had taken away from him. Although I managed to stay out of trouble, I know that I was not someone who was easy to be around. I have been much better at living out the law than at responding to the higher calling that Jesus presents.|Dear Lord,|My trust is far from total.|I try to insure my well-being rather than putting my faith in you.|I am not ready to show my commitment with a dedication like that of Elisha.|I admit my weakness rather than claim a higher level of integrity.|I ask for your strength to move away from fear-based decision making.|I pray that I may grow in the uprightness that trust in You brings.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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