Reflection for Tuesday, December 22, 2022: 4th Week of Advent.

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dc.description.abstract|Mothers get top billing in today's readings. As we are in the Advent season, it is fitting to hear about mothers. Both Advent and motherhood are times filled with watching and waiting. Hands down, motherhood has been the hardest and best thing I have ever done it my life. There are so many ways to get it wrong. That's why I am so amazed at the mothers featured in these readings.|First there is Hannah whose desire to have a child is so powerful. That ache about not being able to have a child is so painful to women unable to bear a child. You wonder what you have done wrong or why this happening to you. You feel so out of control. There seems to be nothing you can do for something you want so badly. So, Hannah tells God: If I am able to bear a child, I will dedicate this child to you.|And Hannah makes good on her promise. When her boy turns 3, she brings Samuel, along with other gifts, to Eli at the temple. I cannot even imagine what she was going through. How did she find the strength to walk to the temple knowing she would be leaving without him?  Without her beloved, beautiful boy who was still so young?|However, Hannah was a woman of faith and she made good on her promise to God even though her heart had to be breaking. Her commitment and courage to carry it out, to give away this child she had so yearned for, is particularly impressive. It made me think of all the times I promised God one thing or another if a particular thing in my life occurred. Regardless of what I had promised God, how many times did I follow though?|When I think of my prayer life, I have to admit I most turn to God when I or a loved one is in trouble. I seem to spend much of my time asking God for things rather than thanking or "proclaiming the greatness of the Lord."  Which is what Mary does in today's gospel as she comes to term to what is happening to her. The phrase "the Almighty has done great things for me" hit home with me.  During this Advent season of watching and waiting, it struck me how blessed my life has been. |In these final days of Advent I plan to think about all the blessing God has showered me with, and to wholeheartedly thank God for such abundance.  As we continue to watch and wait for the birth of our Savior, may we all see the 'great things" the Lord has done for us.  Sharing these blessings with others who are struggling is a concrete way I can "proclaim the greatness of the Lord."en_US
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dc.titleReflection for Tuesday, December 22, 2022: 4th Week of Advent.en_US
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