Reflection for Thursday, September 4, 2003: 22nd week in Ordinary Time.

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Callone, Pat
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This Gospel passage of Jesus asking his followers to take their nets once again and "fish"... after they have fished all night ... reminds me of the amazing trust journey we Christians are on. || We believe in a God who asks us to be in partnership with live a good life; to do great things for the kingdom; to see the richness and gifts of all men and women on planet earth; to bring justice and peace to the lives of all women and men.|All we have to do is listen, do what God says, trust, and then wait for the results. The difficult part is that we aren't sure about our own capabilities.....and we certainly aren't sure when God is going to come through on His/Her promise.| Now doesn't that sound irreverent? No, not irreverent, but certainly a novice in the "strong faith" department.|The difficulty is that phrase: "...we aren't sure about our own capabilities..." That's the real stumbling block ...that reliance on our "own capabilities." That's where the fault lies, not that we aren't sure when God is going to come through on Her/His promise - because God always does respond, but sometimes we don't have the eyes of faith to see or understand the response.| We don't really have any "capabilities" that are our own. Everything we have is God-given. Our job is to find those God-given talents given specifically to each one of us...and then to nourish and grow them in the service of others.|Last week Creighton welcomed 1,000 + new undergraduate and transfer students into the Creighton community. I was part of that great transition for students and parents - the transition from leaving the smaller home community and entering into a whole new university community. By the end of the weekend, the moment had come for parents and guardians to leave their sons and daughters with the Creighton community.| This is where the trust of parents and the trust of students are greatly tested. Parents trust the Creighton community to help their children find their talents and nourish them to the best of each person's ability. Students trust their parents to let them leave home ... and to grow and develop with the guidance of the Creighton community into men and women fully alive - exhibiting their greatest potential.|It is a time of trust also for the Creighton community - faculty, fellow students, staff, and administrators. We trust we have the finest resources possible to help students grow and develop into the men and women God has given them the potential to be - for His Greater Honor and Glory.| Good and Gracious, God, help us all trust in Your goodness and Your wisdom. Help us be ready and accepting of the surprises that will happen this academic year. Help us trust You -- when we don't understand why things happen. Help us trust You -- in the everyday activities of life -- that Your plan is being accomplished. And help us be true partners in developing the greatest potential in all of us - students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Amen.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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