Reflection for April 5, 2002: Friday in the Octave of Easter.

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Shanahan, Tom, S.J.
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What a splendid gospel we have for today. The scene is at the lake of Tiberias. Peter said, "I am going out to fish." And he is joined by several of the other disciples. I get the feeling that they didn't know what to do, but, being fishermen, their first thought is getting back to normal after the death of Jesus; and so they go out fishing.||But they caught nothing. Then Jesus enters the scene and asks them if they have caught anything. And, when they admit that they have caught nothing, he suggests that they cast their nets on the other side of the boat.|That probably should have been their clue! But they still didn't get it. After all, they were grieving the death of Jesus on whom they had placed their trust. Now Jesus was gone (or so they thought!). Then the miracle of the catch follows - as it had followed on other similar occasions- and they caught so many fish that their nets couldn't hold them in. Then they recognized him: "It is the Lord." Peter jumps into the water to swim to Jesus.|When they all get to the shore they find Jesus there around a charcoal fire for the fish along with some bread. And Jesus invites them to eat, to be nourished.|They recognized Jesus in the Eucharistic sign of nourishment and abundance; He was with them now like he had been with them before. He was there FOR them in their grief and sorrow. He sought them out as they were and was WITH them.|The pattern of the resurrection stories is so wonderful. Jesus comes to his friends; they don't recognize Him right away; there is a dialogue (or an action) in which they recognize who He is; they rejoice; and they share their excitement and joy with other disciples. My prayer is that I/we can recognize Jesus as He comes and walks with us as we are. When He shows Himself to be with and for us, let us ask to be prompt in recognizing and to rejoice in His presence.|Thank you, Lord, for the joy of your resurrection. Help us as we strive to be Easter People
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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