Reflection for Thursday, January 31, 2013: 3rd week in Ordinary Time.

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Howard, Joan Blandin
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Mirror, Mirror on the wall ... ||In today's gospel we hear from Mark that we are not to hide the lamp. Not under a bushel basket, not under a bed, not anywhere. "Is a lamp ... not to be placed on a lampstand?" Jesus asks his disciples. Jesus is speaking indirectly about the relationship between the lamp and the light it diffuses.|Scripture is about relationship: the Father's and Jesus' relationship with me. Scripture also speaks to my relationship with you. Jesus teaches right relationship through the Light. The relationship of the Kingdom, of Love.|I am the lamp and the Spirit, the Light, dwells within me. Jesus says that I am to diffuse the Light of Love, not hide it. If I hide, the Light can not shine.|Has anyone ever said to you, "When you tenderly asked that homeless women her name, you reminded me of someone"? Have I ever said to myself, "What just happened between me and that giggly little boy reminded me of someone"? In a flash, you and I reminded me of ... who? Instances, gestures, words more than 'nice', more than 'kind' - indeed Christ like. So fleeting they are more readily denied than recognized for what they are. Images of Love. Reflections of Jesus, of Father/Mother.|I am fairly sure that no one has ever said such a thing to me. I doubt seriously if I have ever admitted as much neither to myself nor to anyone else. But if it is true that you remind me of Jesus and I remind me of Jesus, why have I not said so - not to you and to me?|I am told I am a child of God. I feel the call, the invitation to live the Kingdom. I desire to do so. Jesus desires me to do so. I am created in Love to do so. In prayerful reflection I experience the peace, calm and assurance that at times - no matter how infrequently, no matter how dimly - I diffuse the Light. Why not say to myself, "In that second, I remind me of Jesus, of my Father/ my mother"? When I experience the Spirit in you, why don't I say so? Scripture invites me to live the Kingdom, to diffuse the Light and to notice, to recognize and to rejoice in it - whomever, wherever and whenever.|It's true. Really, it is true. You do remind me and I do remind me of Jesus. Dare I say it?|How awesome is that? Really, how awesome! I am God's child. I image God. I want to not only live the call of the Kingdom - to struggle to love, but also to rejoice, to praise, and shout to the heavens when you and I live out this call? We are worthy lampshades and the Light is strong, but we need each other if we are to balance on the lampstand.|Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am my Mother's/Father's daughter/son after all. J
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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