Reflection for Sunday, January 17, 2016: 2nd Week in Ordinary Time.

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Schuler, Jeanne
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"You shall be called "My Delight."  (Isaiah 62:4)|They were a scorned people.  Corrupt rulers, defeat in war, exile.  Surely such miscreants merit nothing.  But God is no stranger to desolation.  Beyond our brokenness lies the beauty of a yearning heart.  We abandon God but God holds fast and does not abandon us.  Despite the mess, we are worth being loved.  Isaiah will not be silent.  To be loved in the swamps of life is to be reborn.  We are alive!  Into our wavering minds sounds a new song.|We cannot survive in isolation.  But, living together is never easy.  St. Paul points out why we belong to each other.  No one has all the gifts needed to make it through.  I cannot make sense of my own self or anything else without the understanding of others.  Some say "I forgave myself" but healing involves compassion from others.  A self-made man is a case of fraud.  The gifts are many but arise from one spirit and there they will return.  We are not diminished by another's power.  After all, we find ourselves only through the hands of many.  In using our gifts to build God's kingdom, we become as one.|Jesus was annoyed but listened anyway.  His mother noticed the trouble at the wedding and spoke up.  To run out of wine in the midst of celebration would bring shame upon the family.  Jesus launched his public life before he was ready.  Without notice, his time had arrived.  Mary's trust awakened the spirit within him.  To have faith in another bestows a great gift.  In faith we draw joy from the jugs set before us.  Our faith nudges God to act.|Jesus' first sign was at the wedding feast.  When we open our eyes to the goodness in things, we arrive at the feast.  The signs are here.  Just listen.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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