Mythoi Alepoudon/Fox Fables

dc.acquired.locationBetter World Books through Ebayen_US
dc.contributor.authorDawn Casey/Greek Zannetos Tofallisen_US
dc.cost.usCost: $3.60en_US
dc.description.abstractThis is a large, handsome, landscape-formatted book of 32 pages presenting two fables bilingually. It belongs to a series that presents the two fables of this book by pairing English with a number of different languages, one for each book. I count thirty-three languages listed on the back cover. Good for them! I hope at some flea market some day to get all thirty-three! For now this is number 23! FS is visually splendid! The size of the book allows Jago to create impressive illustrations like that of the crane unable to slurp up soup as well as three detailed specific views of her attempts. Casey has the crane thank the fox for his kindness politely and add: "Please let me repay you -- come to dinner at my house." The page after the story lists activities: writing, art, "maths," storytelling, and music. The second story here is "King of the Forest," labelled a Chinese fable. Tiger comes upon fox and frightens him. In desperation, fox claims that he is king of the forest. Tiger roars with laughter. Fox answers that he will show tiger. "This I've got to see," tiger says. Fox gets tiger to walk behind him. Of course, every animal upon whom these two come runs away in respect. Tiger is fooled and pays his respects to the king of the forest. Fox bids him be gone and then, on the way home, has a good laugh over the whole ploy. This story is also strongly illustrated.en_US
dc.description.noteLanguage note: Bilingual: English/Greeken_US
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityRetold by Dawn Casey/Greek translation by Zannetos Tofallis
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dc.publisherMantra Lingua Ltden_US
dc.subject.local1Aesop and Chinese
dc.titleMythoi Alepoudon/Fox Fablesen_US
dc.title.seriesFox Fablesen_US