Reflection for Wednesday, July 15, 2015: 15th week in Ordinary Time.

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Becerra, Patricia
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I interpret today's readings as an invitation to welcome God's truth in our lives. How to do so? I focus on the sentence "… you have revealed them to the childlike." and think of my own children and try to reason through the meaning of "childlike". I see in my children the power to discover their world in the most transparent and crystalline way, whether contemplating the works of an ant, the dispersal of dandelion seeds or the artfulness of our cat. My kids contemplate in a manner that connects them with the object they are observing, they become part, actors and spectators, all at the same time of their observation! They discover in a kind and inquisitive manner, letting themselves be surrounded by a deep sense of awe in every single moment of discovery. They emerge empowered, once the new truth is part of themselves, and look for ways to communicate their discovery: they need to talk about it, to sing about it, to move like it, to represent it through art… there is a strong need to share their newly acquired truth.  |To accept God's truth in a childlike manner tells me to embrace my faith in a transparent way, with no other expectation than the truth itself. The call is to be humble and reach that inner peace that comes from an authentic process, a process that is constantly at work. In my interpretation, "the wise and the learned" means those whose arrogance and biases blind their discovery process.  |My prayer today is for each of us to seek and live God's word in a way truly consistent with the teachings of Jesus even if it challenges our built-through-the-years tangential views. And to share with love and respect the truth that we have accepted by being assertively humble and consistent with our skills.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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