Esope, Le Bossu Phrygien

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dc.description.abstractThis is a miniature (1¼" x 1¾") offering events from the life of Aesop. The events are his purchase, hie serving of tongue for all the courses at two dinners in a row, and his clever solution when his drunken master Xanthus bragged that he could drink the whole sea. In his purchase, he followed a huge slave who answered to the question "What can you do?" by saying "Everything." Aesop's answer to the same question was "Nothing!" Asked why he said that, he responded that his fellow slave had already claimed everything, and so there was nothing left for Aesop. The human tongue is the source of all that is finest and all that is worst. At the harbor Aesop helped his master by pointing out that he claimed only to drink the sea, not all the rivers that poured into it. The booklet is not only a "paperback." It is such a weak-spined paperback that it has become virtually a set of loose pages! These booklets were apparently giveaways offered by the several coffee-makers listed on the back cover. Aesop gets around!en_US
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dc.titleEsope, Le Bossu Phrygienen_US
dc.title.seriesLes Hommes Celebres, Serie Aen_US