The Office of Academic and Student Affairs: An Assessment of Services (poster 6)

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Wilson, Amy
Price, Paul
Wadas-Thalken, Katie
Powers, Kevin
Cook, Shawn
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The mission of the Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions' Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) is to ensure the highest academic standards within the Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy programs of the School, and to provide leadership, services, and opportunities that enable students to succeed in and contribute to society as caring, ethical, and knowledgeable healthcare professionals. The office is led by a team of professionals committed to the student experience, which includes academic support and professional leadership development programs that help all students, both campus and distance, advance from good to great. A primary focus is to provide academic support systems to increase student retention and encourage excellence in a student's educational progress. A thoughtful, intentional approach to student success is fostered through the Academic Success program. Guided by two full-time Academic Success Consultants, students are offered a comprehensive support network of tutoring, academic success seminars, elective coursework, academic advising, and individualized academic counseling and coaching to assist students in achieving their goals. In addition, faculty partnerships with the Academic Success program allow for early identification and intervention of struggling students. A formalized early alert process allows faculty to refer a struggling student for personal outreach from an Academic Success Consultant. In an effort to optimally assist students and appropriately allocate resources, a formal assessment project of the student services and resources provided through OASA has been implemented. Data gathered and analyzed include utilization of consultation services, student progression, student retention and on-time graduation rates. In addition, quantitative and qualitative student feedback regarding the academic success programs offered have been evaluated. Analyses have shown positive outcomes for students. Through its commitment to a supportive and professional learning environment, the Office of Academic and Student Affairs has a positive impact on remediation, retention and professional development for our students.
Creighton University, Office of Academic Excellence and Assessment
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