Reflection for Monday, January 4, 1999: 2nd week in Christmas.

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Howard, Joan Blandin
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This is the sort of reading that leaves me with more questions than answers. There are several passages in scripture which go something along these lines: ask and you shall receive. Well, we all know that we do not always get what we ask for, much less what we think we need. There must be more to this. The first reading is about asking, knowing, and listening to the Spirit of God. In the second reading we read that Jesus "withdrew" after hearing of the arrest of John the Baptist. The tempo of the reading picks up as Jesus returns. It almost sounds as though Jesus is running and chasing after the people. He is teaching, preaching, curing the sick. He attracts many and consequently "great crowds followed him." It is almost as though Jesus needs them more than they need Him.|Our German neighbor once told me that a garden was a jealous love. If I wanted to have a fruitful, lovely garden I had to pay attention - on a daily basis, no less.|Possibly these scripture passages are pleas from a jealous God. God loves us more than we could ever love Him. Maybe, He wants us to come to Him with our requests, but more importantly, maybe, He wants us to be open and receptive to His being present to us. Maybe these passages have something to do with the relationship God, the Spirit, would like to have with each one of us. Maybe, we are being invited to spend some time with our God who loves us so much and who is constantly trying to attract our attention. If in fact we do want a personal relationship with our God, maybe we are going to have to pay attention - on a daily basis, no less.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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