Reflection for Friday, September 23, 2016: 25th Week in Ordinary Time.

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Howard, Joan
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The 'Time' Of Our Lives In today's reading from Ecclesiastes, I am invited to consider 'time'. There is  'time' for birth and 'time' for death and all that lies in between: 'time' of sickness, 'time' of joys, sorrows, 'time' of trials and tribulations, 'time' of peace, penance, 'time' of mercy and more and more 'time'.   What 'time' is my 'time'?  Your 'time'?  Their 'time'?|Recently our family of five children, 3 children-in-law and 10 grandchildren gathered.  It was 'time' to celebrate.  To celebrate PopPop's birthday  and we did.  In truth it was  'time' to celebrate family – which we did in the graced fullness of our humanity!  We endured the shrieks of frustrated 2 yr olds trying to be understood or to change the tide of parental discipline.  We delighted in the imaginations of our 4 to 9 year olds. Skits, fashion shows, spa ventures complete with finger and toe nail polish (Dads included).  En mass we kicked balls, shot hoops, lobbed water balloons, batted a piñata, played charades and lazed around sipping cools drinks with fancy umbrellas. What a 'time', our 'time'!|This 'time' was not all fun and games.  Also, 'time' of tiptoeing around scabbed hurts and still oozing wounds.  New misunderstandings, unintended slights, and missed opportunities -  family patterns are challenging, at best hard to break.  |A 'time' for consideration of others: poor, sick, dying, addicted and the growing world wide refugee situation.   Each of us personally and as individual families attempting to do what little we could to enter into their 'time'.  |In the midst of exuberant chaos, dervish dancing and soft-shoe stepping, healing 'time' gently, mercifully flowed.  We came together in the most familiar of activities – washing dishes, folding laundry, sharing the morning paper, working the daily crossword puzzle, taking walks. Soft spoken "good mornings' weary, gentle 'good-nights'.  Older grandchildren nurturing the younger ones. Ragdoll like toddles gently carried up to bed by uncles and aunties.  Older children permitted a starry night's walk around the block – unaccompanied.  Sisters sharing late night girl-talk over a glass of wine.  Brothers and brothers-in-law in raucous  laughter retelling time-worn jokes slipping into softer tones about work and  personal challenges.  Mother, daughters and daughters-in-law having an afternoon out leaving the dads to "parent, not baby-sit' as the kids say. The ordinary in ordinary 'time'.|Healing 'time' was our 'time'.  War, hunger, death and destruction, their 'time'.|Intentional love and tenderness our 'time'.  Oversight, forgetfulness and neglect their 'time'.  Joy and laughter our 'time'.  Bloodshed, swollen bellies and dry eyes their 'time'.|Days flew by, nights slipped away – 'time' to go home.  Cousins gleefully shouting and waving  'good-byes' from car windows.  Teary eyed brothers and sisters holding each other tightly not knowing when the next 'time' they will be together.  |Their 'time' -numberless days, weeks, months, years .  'Time' of birthing and 'time' of dying.   'Time' of not being seen.|My mother-heart beats in joyful gratitude 'time'.  My mother-heart weeps in sorrow 'time'. My mother-heart prays, begs in supplication 'time'.|The good-news:  no matter the 'time', our God is loving, forgiving and merciful.  'Time' is now.  'Time' is mystery, but all is in God's 'time'.   I trust She takes 'time' for you and for me and for all of us.  I trust her in all 'time'.  I trust in her tender mercy
University Ministry, Creighton University.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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