Reflection for Thursday, January 11, 2001: 1st week in Ordinary Time.

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Kline, Steve
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". . . When you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts . .|Hebrews 3:7-8||Am I paying attention? Am I listening to God?|Today's readings speak of a connection between listening to God and the condition of my heart.|Am I moved by pity, by joy or sorrow, or by the wonder of creation? Do I wish to express my love? Do I want to help those who need help? If these stirrings are in my heart, then God is talking to me. And if God is talking to me, a response is called for. That's why they call it responsibility.|The reality is that I am perfectly capable of "hardening my heart."|The noise of the world sometimes makes it difficult to hear God. My job, my family, all of the interesting and alluring things around me clamor for attention. No wonder I need retreats.|In today's Gospel, Jesus asks the man cured of leprosy to be quiet about it. The man won't or can't hear Jesus' request. He does exactly the opposite of what Jesus asks. I place myself in the cured man's situation: I have been given this incredible gift, this miraculous cure. How can I possibly keep my mouth shut about it? It would drive me nuts to be silent about it. Why? Because it is all about me. When I am intent on me, focused on my own wants, needs, joys, sorrows -- all my busy stuff -- I do not hear God. It is a hard-hearted way to live.|This Christian life we have chosen is demanding. Sometimes it is easier to pretend that we don't hear. I know when my heart is going astray, and sometimes I just let it go -- I am too lazy, sometimes. But I know that my laziness thwarts God's plan for me. My prayer today is that God will help me be attentive to life, to listen, to live in a mindful way.|In a scattered, confusing, sometimes frightening world, only the heart, the place where I hear God, is true.|Am I paying attention?
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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