Reflection for Friday, October 12, 2001: 27th week in Ordinary Time.

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Waldron, Maureen McCann
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"When a strong man fully armed guards his courtyard, his possessions go undisturbed. But when someone stronger than he comes and overpowers him, such a one carries off the arms on which he was relying and divides the spoils."|Right now there is so much talk of protection, security and safety. I long for the image of a "strong man fully armed" to guard me and my possessions so that I can remain undisturbed.|Undisturbed . . . .Complacent . . . .Naive . . . .Ignorant.|Dear Lord, what is the cost of my remaining "undisturbed"? At what price do I live in a cocoon wrapped away from the world? Am I undisturbed about the poor and marginalized I see around me each day? Can I remain untouched by the violence and fears I see in the faces of others on the news? Do I pretend that my everyday actions, purchases and way of life have nothing to do with the conflicts on the other side of the world?|What is in my life, dear Jesus, that I am protecting so desperately? I stand in my courtyard waiting to fend off an outside enemy, but the foe is already here, hiding deep within my own house. What darkness do I have, Lord, that I arm myself against? Tell me what fears I have that I am afraid to bring to you? What ignorance am I too lazy to tackle? Which of your neediest people am I prepared to ignore as I walk by them on my way to worship you?|We have so much to be sorry for, loving God. Forgive us our sins and grant us the peace we long for - peace that will come only when we drop the heavy weapons of our everyday concerns and open the doors of our courtyards to care for others. And finally, as I labor with you for your neediest, then will the tightly locked doors of my house fall open and the light of your love be released.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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