Reflection for Friday, April 30, 1999: 4th week in Easter.

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Driscoll, Don, S.J.
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Have you seen the advertising blitz of the past year, merchandising dozens of items with the logo, "W.W.J.D.?" That is, "What would Jesus do?" Well when I read scripture and observe what Jesus does, I then ask myself: "W.W.D.D." That is, "What would Donald do?" I find that very helpful in discerning whether or not I'm becoming more like Jesus.|For example, when I enter the Last Supper scene in today's scripture, I hear John saying that Jesus knew that he was about to die. What then does He do? He thinks of His followers and reassures them that He's going before them to prepare a place for them. Then He'll come back to take them home. I observe this, then I ask, what would I do, (W.W.D.D.) in the face of death? I'm afraid that I wouldn't be thinking of putting others at ease, as Jesus would. The difference is embarrassing. I panic if my doctor looks worried when conducting my physical. A few years ago when I was being prepped for surgery my nurse said, "Don't worry. Be brave. A kidney stone operation is quite simple." I panicked when I realized that she wasn't talking to me. She was talking to my surgeon.|What does one do when there's a dichotomy between what Jesus would do and what I would do? For example, I was afraid to die. Jesus was not. Why not? As I pray through that scripture it becomes clear that he had absolute confidence that he was going to the Father. I want that kind of certitude too. As I follow Jesus in the scriptures I conclude that His strength and serenity deepened by His regular prayer to His Father. "I am the way," Jesus says. "No one comes to the Father except through me." Each day by trying to answer the question, W.W.D.D.?, the same way that Jesus would, I have found the Way that brings me closer to the Father and all the gifts I've searched for. And so shall you.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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