Integrated Neonatal Intensive Care: Intensive Care for Baby at the Mother’s Bedside

dc.contributor.advisorWallingford, Brenda
dc.contributor.authorKubik, Gina, Barb, Andrew, Teresa of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program of Nursing Practice
dc.description.abstractThe traditional model of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has separated babies from their mothers after delivery to receive intensive care in a different unit. This has the potential to increase parental anxiety and impair parent-infant bonding. In order to increase family-centered care and decrease the stress of a NICU admission, a Midwest Medical Center implemented a quality improvement practice change utilizing the Integrated Neonatal Intensive Care (INIC) model. The INIC program makes use of wireless and central monitoring of the NICU infant who remains in the mother's room. Evaluation of this program was essential in order to ensure and maintain the quality and safety of the NICU in a novel location. The INIC program showed overall improved breastfeeding rates and enteral intake of expressed breast milk at time of discharge, decreased parental stress levels, no increased risk of central line infections or unplanned extubations when compared to traditional NICU care. NICU Registered Nurse staff surveyed pre- and post-implementation were positive for the INIC model. This project showed the INIC model in this facility is a safe and effective alternative to separating the NICU infant from the mother and family and has positive effects on both baby and mother.
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dc.subject.meshIntensive Care Units, Neonatal
dc.subject.meshBreast Feeding
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dc.titleIntegrated Neonatal Intensive Care: Intensive Care for Baby at the Mother’s Bedside
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