Reflection for Monday, May 16, 2022: 5th Week of Easter.

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Samson, Beth
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|The Trinity is one of my favorite mysteries in our tradition. How our God can be Triune, can be both one and three is mystery, and yet it also gives me great consolation. I have two pieces of art in my office of three people dancing, moving in dynamic harmony, responding to each other's push and pull, participating in the flow of relationship. These images remind of the beauty and mystery of the Trinity.|The Gospel today is all about the dynamism of this Triune God's Love and our participation. I love Jesus, and God loves me, Jesus loves me, the Holy Spirit is being sent to love me. That is a lot of love dynamically moving in relationship.|Jesus offers us incredible reassurance and call forth in this Gospel. God loves us and will always be with us. Imagine, for Jesus' closest companions, the consolation knowing that God's love would be with them always in the Holy Spirit, even when Jesus could not be with them forever. Jesus, in knowing that God's love would always be available, reminds us what this means to us – that we are called to love, in the way Jesus love us. So, as we continue this Easter Season, here is the invitation for prayer and reflection – how am I being an agent of Jesus' love in the world today? How have I received this love? How have I given generously of this love to others?|Let us pray.|Triune God, we come to you in gratitude for the love you have for each of us. Love that is always with us. Love that calls us forth to respond with love – in all that we do. We ask for your guidance as we continue to be agents of God's love in our world today. Amen.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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