Keller and Guerin Colored Plates and Bowls

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Each plate offers both a title above the illustration and a key line below it. Each is marked KG with a crown and cartouche in gold. There is also a gold rim around the design of each plate. The plates are remarkable for their colorful illustrations. 1. A particularly colorful young female grasshopper plays her violin while the ant in peasant's wooden shoes carries a huge seed past her. 2. A dapper fox in bow tie holds out a paw to catch the cheese he expects to fall. The crow in snappy hat and vest is holding the cheese firmly in his wing as though it were an arm. A lovely scene! 3. The rat in this rendition of The Lion and the Mouse uses a scissors to cut the lion's elaborate net, pegged to the ground in over a dozen places. The lion sits expectantly on all fours. 4. The frog here carries a parasol and wears both a vest and britches. The ox, sitting in human fashion, looks on amused with his arms crossed. 5. The sweating tortoise in The Tortoise and the Hare rides a bicycle and wears a rider's cap and sneakers. The hare also rides a bicycle and has goggles above the brim of his cap. 6. The wolf in WL wears a top hat, vest, and trousers. He carries a hunter's pouch and points menacingly at the lamb, who is dressed in children's clothes. Does the lamb have a toy sailboat in is hands/paws?
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