Reflection for Thursday, April 21, 2022: Thursday in the Octave of Easter.

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McClure, Scott
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|What compels you? Not in the sense of doing x, y, or z and not in the vein of how you brush your teeth or whether you put on your left or right shoe first. What I mean is, what is the reason for how you live your life? Today's first reading picks up immediately after a crippled man at the temple gate has been cured at Peter's invocation of the name of Jesus. Encountering the disbelief of the crowd that has witnessed this, Peter invites those listening into the mystery of Jesus' resurrection. He invites them to repentance.|You see, the subsequent gospel passage from Luke recounts the disciples' encounter with the risen Jesus, their companion. Just as Jesus' ministry prior to his crucifixion and death had included real, material signs - physical healings that could be witnessed - Jesus allows his disciples to witness his resurrection in an equally material, physical way. Jesus says, Look...Touch me and see... And then, they witnessed him eat. This is no symbol. No metaphor. This is what Peter meant when he told the crowd, God raised him from the dead; of this we are witnesses. Clearly, it is the resurrection of Jesus that compels Peter.|This Thursday in the Octave of Easter, can we claim the same as Peter? Is the resurrection of Jesus so strong a force in our lives so as to compel us? If not or if in doubt, do not despair. Thomas doubted, remember. Jesus even shared this human experience of doubt through his passion and death. Whether in doubt or belief, take heart that God meets us where we are - on whatever road or in whatever room of our lives. Jesus is risen! Rejoice!
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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