Ulrich Boner Der Edelstein: Faksimile der ersten Druckausgabe Bamberg 1461

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Boner, Ulrich
Fouquet-Plümacher, Doris
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This book is the companion to the facsimile of Boner's Der Edelstein. It is well put together by a good librarian. Fouquet helps the reader to assess Boner as a fabulist and then Pfister as a publisher. She pays special attention to the woodcuts; I believe they have attracted much more scholarly attention than Boner's texts. My own investigations led me to disagree with Fouquet about the order in which the three elements of a given page were printed. The one botched page seems to indicate rather that the print is superimposed upon the picture than vice-versa. This book gathers a helpful set of illustrations to show the points that Fouquet makes. For me the material at the end of this book was the most helpful. From Fouquet's list of editions, I was actually able to find three available digitally, the editions of Eschenburg, Benecke, and Pfeiffer. They were my major help as I worked my way through Pfister's rendition of Boner's text. My work did not raise my estimation for Pfister as a scholarly publisher. Lines and words are skipped. Some sentences make no sense because the most important word is left out. In this respect, I believe Steinhöwel did the better job of the two. Perhaps the most maddeningly botched text of all is the epilogue, in which Boner gives a serious sense of what he thinks he is doing. Fouquet also includes Inhaltsangaben, summaries of the eighty-six fables that Pfister publishes. Oh, how I wish that those summaries had been transcriptions of the actual texts! I sought the latter in vain. Apparently, all of the textual editions are formed -- appropriately enough -- from Boner's manuscripts rather than from Pfister's book. Of the three I worked through, only one took Boner's book as a serious textual witness. Fouquet is also not absolutely reliable in her renditions of Boner's stories.
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