Reflection for Friday, October 15, 2010: 28th week in Ordinary Time.

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Tinley, Susan
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In today's reading from Ephesians, we hear about being chosen. It was a common theme of the Old Testament about the Jewish Nation being chosen by Yahweh; in the New Testament we hear about being chosen by Christ. In today's parlance we may be more apt to think of being called. Does this mean that somehow we are special and will receive more favor from God than others who are not chosen? Perhaps our parents had us baptized as infants and raised us as Christians. Does that somehow make us more special in the eyes of God than the individual raised in an environment that lacked any mention of God or perhaps even mocked the belief in God. What does this mean to be chosen or called by God?|It does not mean in any way that we are more special or deserving of God's favor. God loves everyone that he has created from the beginning of time to the embryo just conceived. Being called means we have been given the opportunity and the responsibility that comes with that opportunity to share the favor bestowed on us. What are the expectations for those who have been chosen to receive the gift of faith? It is simply to share the faith and love that we have received with the rest of our world. It is simple to say and seems like it should be simple to do. If we know we have received an infinite love, then sharing it seems like the natural thing to do. Why is it so hard sometimes?|There is a lovely story that has been e-mailed to many, perhaps you have seen it. It is about a young man who has the intellectual capabilities of a 7 year old and his simple but beautiful faith in God. One night after he had gone to bed his sister went by his room and heard him saying, "Are you there, God? Where are you? Oh, I see. Under the bed..." She goes on to describe how his simple faith is an inspiration for her. He is free of yearnings for wealth or power; he is trusting, sincere and transparent in his relationships with others and loves freely. This young man knows he is chosen in a way that most of us will have to work at throughout our lives. He embraces the opportunity and meets the responsibilities of being chosen in a simple way, free of the complications that get in our way of doing the same.|May God live under your bed.|The story, God Lives under the Bed, was written by Kelly Adkins. It can be found in its entirety at a number of websites including
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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