Reflection for Thursday, April 23, 2009: 2nd week in Easter.

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Lanahan, Joan
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OBEY GOD'S WILL||Look at those feisty apostles. They break out of jail, thanks to an angel, and when confronted by the Sanhedrin, the religious authorities, have the gumption to reply, "better for us to obey God than men." What was their grave deed: preaching of God's love in Jesus.|"Obey" is an interesting word. It means "to follow commands or guidance, or abide by" another's word. So, the apostles were following Jesus' command to preach and teach his loving word.|"God's will" is a phrase that causes many so much confusion and struggle. We desire to serve God's will but often it is so difficult to know what that means for us. There is nothing simple about it though; I humbly simplify it to mean "to love as God loves us".|John tells us, "the one whom God sent Speaks the Word of God" Over and over in the gospels Jesus loves, speaks of loving and receives others' love. You know how hard it is to love.|A friend, who is wife and mother, has spent the last several years supporting her husband through hard times. Then a daughter fell into her hard times and is now working at recovery as another daughter deals with the harshness in her life. It seems never ending.|Another Mom and Dad are trying to support their 40 year old son who is dealing with a horrible disease. His anger and discouragement and struggle to deal with his body and mind could consume their family. They continue to give him loving kindness and care.|Another woman, burnt out from 30 years of teaching takes care of elderly persons in their homes. She does the bodily care and menial household tasks with a smile and good humor.|What do all these people have in common? They are trying to love those around them. Sometimes it is tough and their pain seems unbearable and never ending. They too cry for help and God sends them others who support them.|"God hears the cry of the poor" always. Maybe we don't all have angels who release us from prison, but we can find helpful hints from others' insights and wisdom and support.|So, God's Will is an invitation to love despite the cost. Remember the promise "whoever believes in the Son has life eternal".|Eternal life begins here, loving one another.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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