Der Fuchs in der Kunst: Ein Nachschlagewerk über den Fuchs in der Kunst

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The cover proclaims that this is a research book for Exponate in Elfenbein, Meerschaum, Silver, Porzellan, Glas, Holz und Bronze. It is! There are over seven hundred illustrations in color of a marvelous range of objects. The breadth of the collection put together by Herr von Fuchs is impressive. It gives some sense of the collection to notice that there are eighteen pipes pictured here! There are many fable illustrations along the way. A silver-plated fruit-dish, crafted in Russia about 1965, shows FG (34). Several fable motifs occur together on 68, including FS on a candy box, FC on on the early twentieth-century cookie box I first found along the Seine, and FC as a bookend. A gunpowder bottle from about 1800 pictures FC (79). The same page includes a porcelain plate of FG and a small wall stand with a hand-cut base of FC. FG is back on 81 in a Viennese bronze Tischglockendrücker. Three Minton tiles displaying The Fox and the Goat, FC, and FS are shown on 87; are the designs really from Walter Crane? I think they come rather from John Moyr Smith. There are eight beautiful embroidery patterns for fables of La Fontaine from Verlag Reinhold Beist in Frankfurt about 1914 on 89. The following page features oven plates for FG, FS, FC, and The Fox and the Goat. On 90 there are three fable scenes from the stucco ceiling of the Einhardhaus in Seligenstadt: two come from FS and one from The Fox, the Wolf, and the Horse. A wine barrel on 94 shows FG, and the same scene is on the portal of Saint Mark's in Venice on the following page. There is a laterna magica scene of FC after La Fontaine on 101. Herr von Fuchs closes the book with a touching remark placed under the skull of a fox: Das Ende eines jeden Sammlers ist mit seinem Ableben besiegelt. Um die Exponate der Nachwelt zu erhalten, sollen Sammlungen nie aufgeteilt werden.
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