Fàbulas de Mayor a menor 2

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Nacho reads to Tobi from this book -- in this number, in the bedroom. A full-page cartoon of them precedes each fable and follows the last fable. The latter applies the moral in the daily life of Nacho and Tobi. Those preceding a fable often have a relation to the fable itself. The six fables here are FC, Jupiter and the Saddlebags, BC, DS, The Wolf, the Goat, and the Little Goat, and The Beautiful Girl and the Mirror. This last fable is new to me. The pretty girl asks the mirror regularly how she looks and gets complimentary answers -- until she eats the wrong things and gets pimples all over her face. The mirror tries to avoid the subject but then tells the terrible truth. The cartoon before FC has Nacho in pajamas saying to Tobi, who approaches in pajamas with a hotdog in his mouth: Either you go outside or you spit it out, but I don't want you eating at my side. The dog says Spit it out! Spit it out! The cartoon after FC has mom gushing over Tobi's awful piece of art You're a genius! The cartoon after BC has a parent commanding Nacho to take the dog out, Nacho commanding Tobi to take the dog out, and the dog saying It is easy to consider but difficult to actuate. The cartoon before DS has Nacho ready to read, but the dog, looking into a mirror, says Wait a minute. There is a good looking dog in this mirror. The same wolf's paw that reveals a wolf and not a goat-mother in the story reaches out from under the bed in the fine combination illustration on this book's front cover. Fun with fables might be an apt subtitle for this series. These cartoons and fables would engage a young reader. Text and ballooned sayings in the illustrations complement each other in presenting the story. The closing design has Nacho, Tobi, and the dog all peacefully asleep with this book on Nacho's lap.
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