Reflection for Friday, December 1, 2017: 34th Week in Ordinary Time.

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Mausbach, Ann
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Back before we had GPS in our cars and on our cell phones I vividly remember how I missed the town I was traveling to by a good 20 to 30 miles. I was headed to a fairly large city that had several exits, but my passenger and I were so busy talking we failed to notice any of them. This experience parallels the central message from today’s readings. Take notice of the signs and signals of God’s presence in our lives and don’t let the noise of this world detour your path toward Jesus’s love.|The powerful imagery of beasts in the first reading reminds us that even in turmoil God is there. And while it is more difficult to find Jesus presence during times of sorrow, God is constant. Nature and the world around us are ever changing and chaotic, but God is everlasting. How do we survive times of loss, difficulty or uncertainty? We look for God in and around us. We get out our maps and find the mile markers that help us navigate back to the love that our Lord provides.|The parable of the fig tree is telling us to be ready and it is easy to interpret this as being ready for life after this one, but I think it is more than that. I think that Jesus is telling us to notice the signs of the time so we can discern what is of real value and what is fleeting. Discernment requires us to search for God’s will and then decide how to respond to it. Given the day to day demands of our lives, this can be difficult. Jesus understands this. He became one of us so He could model the attitudes and values that provide us the guidance and direction we need for the journey of life.|As we work through our day today let us look for signs of God working in our lives and the world around us. Help us to see these signs and understand that the way of Jesus is the ultimate GPS.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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