Encouraging Psychiatric Providers to Consider Cost of Psychotropic Medications: A Quality Improvement Project

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dc.description.abstractMental illness is becoming more prevalent and is a major concern. Increased knowledge and acceptance of mental illness over the years has increased the number of individuals coming forward for treatment. However, studies indicate that adherence to psychotropic medications is poor and that a portion of the non-adherence is due to cost of the medication. One approach to this problem is prescriber use of a cost tool of commonly prescribed psychotropic medications. Thus, the aim of this quality improvement project was to develop and implement a tool to assist providers in considering cost when prescribing psychotropic medications to adult patients upon discharge from an acute inpatient psychiatric hospital. A cost tool was developed to compare the patient price of commonly prescribed medications with a GoodRx™ prescription drug savings card at different pharmacies throughout the city. Data were gathered through the hospital’s electronic health record and the utilization review database during the ten weeks after introducing the cost tool.
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dc.titleEncouraging Psychiatric Providers to Consider Cost of Psychotropic Medications: A Quality Improvement Project