Fact Book 1988-1989

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dc.description.abstractThe Office of Institutional Research is pleased to present the 1988/1989 edition of the Creighton University Fact Book; it is the fifth in the series. Many of the statistics included in this work are also available in special reports issued by various divisions; the Fact Book serves to bring them all together in this single volume so that they are readily accessible. In response to suggestions from users and to requests for information that over the year have come into the Office, there have been additions to the data and changes in their presentation. Ideas about increasing the utility of the Fact Book are always welcomed. Two special notes about the charts are required. First, when a chart is expanded, as was done last year in giving the number of women on the faculty, no attempt is made to go back and find parallel data for the preceeding years. Any trends of change in those areas will rapidly become apparent. Secondly, if one tries to reconcile the ’'same'* data between two different charts, small discrepencies are likely to be found. This is especially true of student head counts. For the most part the differences result from the several sources of information having taken their "snapshots" of the University divisions involved at different times. A particularly obvious differential occurs when one compares the number of freshmen counted by the Office of Admissions and those reported as freshmen students for the School or College. Admissions is concerned only with first-time students; the Registrar includes all students who have not yet attained sophomore standing. Although remedying this situation is highly desirable, it is difficult to achieve. The Director and her staff thank all those throughout the University who have contributed to the 1988/1989 edition by supplying the necessary data and by making suggestions for more complete or better presentation of the accumulated facts. A very special thanks goes to Kathy Adams, secretary in the Office, for her patience and good humor as she worked through many revisions of the charts and text.en_US
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dc.titleFact Book 1988-1989en_US
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