Reflection for Tuesday, February 8, 2022: 5th Week of Ordinary Time.

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Tucci, Candice, O.S.F.
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|The elders and people of Israel gathered to the holy of holies, the Ark of the Covenant, the place where God dwelt.|The people gathered to wherever Jesus was.|The people of Israel knew of their covenant with God. Their God who was faithful and traveled with them. Their God, who protected them. A cloud was a sign that God was present.|Jesus, the New Covenant, was recognized as holy.  He walked with the people, healed them, fed them, confronted violence, gave them peace, hope and the promise of life eternal. He was God with them.|Where does God dwell for us? Where are our holy places? Where do we meet God?|On the street? In the hospitals? In the prisons? In our home, church, nature, or heart?|Throughout history people have gone on pilgrimages to holy places. If not a pilgrimage, they traveled to visit shrines, the Holy Land, the Tomb of Jesus, Lourdes, or Fatima, among others. What do people seek? What do people desire?|Since the birth of Jesus, we find in scripture the many ways, or signs where Jesus is revealed as Divine. Then, as we will once again within our liturgical year, we remember through the institution of the Eucharist, Jesus' death, resurrection and the coming of the Spirit, that Christ dwells within us as much as Christ is among us. All of us together; holy is the Body of Christ.|Let us go deep into the holy place of our hearts where Christ dwells. And, too, let us gather before the Eucharist, and the altar where we are nourished and share in the Body of Christ. As Solomon built a dwelling place for God, let us continue to build up the Body of Christ by caring for one another, and when we come together in prayer and worship.|May we remember that each of us is a holy place. For where Christ dwells, not only are we, but the place where we stand is holy. Wherever we are, is holy. Knowing this, how can we rid our world of violence and dishonest behaviors that ultimately is desecrating the Body of Christ?|So again, Where does God dwell for you? Where are your holy places? Where do you meet God? In addition, Why? What do you seek? What do you desire? How can I/we confront the violence within myself as well as outside?|I invite you to take a moment and listen to this song of prayer, Dwelling Place , by John Foley, SJ.|May Christ find a dwelling place of faith in our hearts|and may our lives be rooted in love.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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