Reflection for Saturday, July 24, 2021: 16th Week of Ordinary Time.

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Grassmeyer, Kimberly
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|The parable in today's Gospel reading (Matthew 13:24-30) is entirely apropos the growing season we're in, here in Nebraska! The person Jesus described selected and planted in their field "good seed.". At least in my yard, there is evidence of the beautiful flowers, herbs, and vegetables carefully selected and planted strategically to either capture sun, or benefit from shade, or simply to add color or height in a particular spot. Similarly, God gifts each of us with our own personalities and capabilities, placing us exactly where we need to be (even though we can't always see or know why!). The saying "Bloom where you're planted" comes to mind. God wants each of us to contribute the best we have, as best we can, where we are. We're good seed.|There is also plentiful evidence in my garden beds of plants that I didn't choose! In the parable, Jesus tells his followers that the person believed an enemy (the devil?) came when all were sleeping, to sow weeds into the field. This householder had slaves, who asked about removing the weeds, but the person said no, directing them to wait until the harvest to separate the weeds from the wheat.|The optimist in me wants to believe that the weeds (evil humans?) might be redeemed, might find faith, might ask forgiveness, might accept Christ as their savior. In that way, on harvest day, they would find their way into the barn, (the Kingdom of Heaven?) along with the wheat.|The pessimist in me felt immediate concern for the damage the weeds could do in the meantime! Weeds can absorb water and nutrients from the wheat; unwanted vines can pull desirable plants to the ground to rot; large weeds can shade smaller plants needing sunlight. Evil humans among us can influence us. They can sow doubt, foment anger, tempt us with earthly desires, turn us from our better angels. On this front, I want to shout "Pull the weeds! Rid the field of all weeds!" I'm afraid to have to fight for my air, sun and water. But this is the challenge. Can we believers keep our faith, walk the right road, not be led into temptation, and remain in God's grace when the world around us doesn't want us to?|God (the householder of the parable?) trusts us to remain steadfast in his word. Prayer, being in community, acting in service to others, and other spiritual disciplines help us to do so. I pray today that we have the optimism, discipline, and trust in the grace of our Lord, to grow into tall, healthy wheat that will be harvested into the barn. Healthy in faith despite any weeds that work to distract us.|"Lord, let my heart be good soil," fertile for the "good seed" you've sown in me. Amen.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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