Reflection for Monday, February 28, 2011: 8th week in Ordinary Time.

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Gaston, Maria Teresa
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I love working with young people. It is a great privilege to accompany some of them at this moment in their lives. They are right here, on their knees looking up at Jesus with earnest desire asking for definitive direction for their lives.|Jesus is looking at them and loving them. Sometimes it is through my eyes that Jesus is looking, through my words and actions that Jesus is loving them. This week it was through Rubén García.|The witness of Rubén’s life lived in dedication to loving and caring for the needs of the homeless migrant on the border with Mexico was an incredibly clear, potent invitation from Jesus to the 40 students gathered in a circle with their beans and rice dinner Thursday night. These students are exhibiting great freedom and great faith. They have been able to get past the world's wisdom of seek first the path to riches.They have been able to be amazed with Jesus' disciples at how he turned upside down the conventional Jewish wisdom that riches are a sign of God's favor.|Many have applied to Jesuit Volunteer Corps, international and domestic, to Cap Corps with the Capuchins in Nicaragua or Peru or Milwaukee or Detroit, or to Annunciation House itself - to go help Rubén with the thousand daily tasks of meal preparation and advocacy for the migrant. Jesus' radical invitation is as palpable today as on the day when he was'setting out on a journey' and was interrupted by this man with a question.|In my own life, I ask, what are you saying to me with this story today Lord? Yesterday, John and I pruned our two grape vines that spread incredible branches in their first year of growth last summer. What do I need to prune to be freer to love and serve you in the poor?
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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