Whiskey Sour

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Spears, Meredith Allison
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Whiskey Sour is a historical novel set during Prohibition in 1924 in Chicago, Bellevue/Omaha, and New York City, following the life of Mia Angela Scalisi, a young, well-known nightclub singer, and her relationships with local crime boss, Salvatore Bellomo, and Nebraska bootlegger, William Wyatt.|Mia enjoys her opulent, gilded-cage lifestyle courtesy of Sal, but quietly longs for the simpler, Lower East Side days with her brother, Nicky, whom she’s mourning after he was found dead in an alley earlier that year. His killer remains at large, as the murder has been largely accepted as little more than gangland violence and thus, nothing that the police are in a rush to solve. Meanwhile, Sal is headed to trial for numerous violations of the Volstead Act, in addition to illegal activities in gambling and prostitution. But thanks to a dirty judicial system, greedy lawyers, and Mia as the star witness in his defense, everyone knows he’ll be back on the streets in no time.|After the nightclub is the target of a shooting, Sal sends Mia to hide out in Bellevue, Nebraska, where she poses as William’s new wife for protection. She clashes with the townspeople and encounters lecherous Arthur O’Murphy, an old enemy of Sal’s, who happens to be the crime boss of Omaha. Arthur is highly interested in Mia and what she knows about Sal, and most importantly, what about Sal he can strong-arm her into telling him for his own benefit—including taking over Sal’s liquor empire in the Midwest.|Mia is called back to Chicago before Arthur can get his hands on her, but what awaits her there is a shocking, heartbreaking discovery, followed by a decision: keep her discovery to herself, play along, and continue living her luxurious life…or risk losing it by getting vengeance for her brother on the man who murdered him. |But after immigrating to America as an orphaned child, surviving an illness that nearly killed her, and hustling on the streets of New York with Nicky to survive, Mia has always been a risk-taker.
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