Reflection for Monday, December 27, 2004: Feast of St. John, Apostle and Evangelist.

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Shadle Cusic, Marcia
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In today's first reading I am touched by the idea of the bounty of life all around us, especially at this time of the year. Those of us who are US citizens have been extremely blessed with an abundance of opportunities to truly experience a fullness of life in every aspect. Our challenge is to accept, proclaim, and look forward to the greatness of eternal life. Because we have been so blessed with our lives, here on earth, it is so very easy to get caught up with the true blessings of this life that we forget about our goal of experiencing a life after our earthly death and the fullness and richness that has been promised. Eternal life, which can not be seen or touched is difficult at times to fully embrace. I begin to wonder about "what it will take" to have the privilege to experience eternal life, although I do anticipate that it will be an experience that will be, for lack of a better word, awesome! ||How does one come to accept or believe in the idea of eternal life? How do people without this belief live and accept life situations? Faith - that gift that gives us hope, reassurance - and peace is a powerful gift that invites us, in fellowship with others, to proclaim and look forward to the experience of eternal life with the Lord.|Throughout my life I have constantly been impressed with the people, including ourselves, who have followed the teachings of Jesus and believe in God, even though they/ we have not actually been present as the disciples were, during the time that Jesus lived among his people. As a woman reading today's Gospel, I wonder if there is a much more powerful message in John's acknowledging that Mary Magdalene delivered the news of the risen Lord to the male disciples. This Gospel reading touches me in the words in which John tells us that Mary Magdalene "ran... to the other disciple whom Jesus loved." For me, as a woman, I feel that these words are very inclusive and feel a real sense of being loved by God, for who I am. Peter and one of the other disciples go into the tomb, they see and they believe. We on the other hand, have not physically seen but have been blessed with the gift of faith - that gift that gives us hope, trust and reassurance that if we are mindful of what Jesus has taught us, through his examples, we will be given the awesome experience of eternal life. |Some thoughts as we begin to make those New Year's Resolution... To follow the teachings and examples of Jesus.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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