Twenty-Ninth Annual Report of Creighton Memorial St. Joseph's Hospital Omaha,Nebraska For The Year Ending December 31,1908

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Creighton Memorial St. Joseph's Hospital
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Creighton Memorial Saint Joseph Hospital , Nebraska -- Omaha -- Hospitals , Creighton Memorial Saint Joseph Hospital -- Annual Report
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The Creighton Memorial St. Joseph's Hospital is the direct result of a bequest of $50,000 left by Mrs. John A. Creighton, who died on September 30th, 1888. The happy and holy inspiration which prompted Mrs. Creighton to devote a portion of her fortune, as a nucleus of a fund to build a hospital, was munificently seconded by her husband, the Hon. Count John A. Creighton, who added three-fold to the fund, and planned to build on a more magnificent scale than originally intended. The building and grounds represent an outlay of over $200,000; an enduring and beneficent monument to the memory of his wife and his own liberality.|The institution is located at the corner of Tenth and Castellar streets, on ground which for beauty of appearance and healthfulness is unsurpassed.|North, east and south, the Missouri Valley stretches for miles before the eye, its boundaries on both sides sharply marked by bluffs. Through this romantic landscape the river winds, shooting from bluff to bluff over the wide expanse of valley. Council Bluffs nestles amid the hills to the east, its arms extending westward almost to the river bank. To the west, the greater portion of Omaha, the city's great residence district is to be seen with its clusters of imposing mansions and modest cottages. To the southwest, South Omaha is outlined against the horizon, its vast industries clearly marked by columns of smoke.|The hospital grounds slope abruptly to the east, insuring perfect drainage to the buildings and immediate vicinity. Indeed the site is peculiarly suitable for its purposes, affording a magnificent view, and so commanding that it cannot be hedged in by surrounding buildings. The grounds are several acres in extent, sodded and laid out in flower plats with gravel walks winding through them. Shade trees and shrubbery are clustered at the intersection of the paths, and benches are also provided, making beautiful recreation grounds for convalescent patients and those suffering from chronic diseases.
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