Reflection for Monday, June 1, 2009: 9th week in Ordinary Time.

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Lanahan, Joan
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CHOOSE: GREED OR GRATITUDE||It is hard not to have greedy thoughts: "oh, just another scoop of black raspberry ice cream ... or a bigger slice of dessert ... or more salary for less work!!! We all think these kinds of things once in a while. It 's from the "I don't have enough" syndrome. It's from a clutching attitude or some basic fear. It's surely not a desire for goodness.|Look at all the harm the tenant farmers in Mark's Jesus' parable. They not only fought, hurt, but killed in their greed.|Look at the greed so alive in our world. The U.S. has Bernard Madolf and others who have scammed people of their retirement savings. Other countries, you all have your own non-heroes.|Then, when we ponder Tobit's story, we see a just and generous man who reached out to others in need, and he was criticized. He knew God's gifts and was grateful.|A friend in her 50's gave up her lifetime of teaching. It was hard to find another good job. She had to let go of her home and move in with someone else. She gave up some of her favorite fun things to do when she could no longer afford them. Now she is a caregiver for elders, loves her clients and the work. She doesn't earn much money. Nor does she get really good benefits. She is happy though because she is able to care for others. She is so grateful that God led her to this new vocation.|Often we have to choose. Do we want to really act on our greedy thoughts? Isn't it better for ourselves and for humanity to recognize all we have been given and be grateful for God's gifts? How much do we really, really need? How much, oh so much, have we been given? Thank you, Lord.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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