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Curtin, Eugene
Flott, Anthony
Calvert, John
Vaughn, Pamela Adams
Casper, Henry W., S.J.
Heaney, Robert P.
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Online Journalism , Women Softball Players , Taliban , Medical Care--Haiti , Medical Education , Religion--Philosophy
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AT THE FOREFRONT OF A DIGITAL REVOLUTION | Creighton’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication is educating students for a new world of professional communication — one that blurs the lines among forms of media. So what is this phenomenon — which some have dubbed “backpack journalism” — and how has Creighton grabbed a leading role? Page 8.
STEP RIGHT UP | She is one of the most dominant athletes at her position in Creighton’s storied sports history, and she’s back for one more year. Meet Creighton senior Tara Oltman, a three-time All-American, exceptional student in the classroom and one of the top softball pitchers in the nation. Page 12.
AFGHANISTAN’S TALIBAN | Last month, coalition troops and Afghan forces launched their largest offensive yet to drive the Taliban from their strongholds in Afghanistan. But exactly who are the Taliban, and how did they gain prominence in Afghanistan? John Calvert, Ph.D., the Fr. Henry W. Casper, S.J., Professor of History at Creighton, provides a historical perspective. Page 14.
CARING FOR HAITI | For a nation ravaged by a devastating earthquake, teams of Creighton University health professionals have provided critical health care and a measure of hope. “The gates of hell” was how one Creighton University surgeon described the scene upon arriving in Jimaní, a border town in the Dominican Republic and the base for Creighton’s volunteer operations. Page 18.
A PASSION TO HEAL: MEDICAL STUDENTS FOLLOW IN FAMILY FOOTSTEPS / A PASSION TO HEAL | For these medical students, the road to becoming a Creighton-educated physician is not only a personal calling or desire, it’s a family tradition. Creighton School of Medicine alumni and their Creighton medical school student son or daughter share their stories about their education, their profession and the state of health care in the United States. Page 22.
CHANCE, CHOICE AND GOD | Robert Heaney, BS’47, MD’51, the John A. Creighton University Professor, writes about the role of chance in our lives — which may be more than we care to admit — and how God can be seen operating in this seemingly fickle universe. Page 26.
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