Young People's Stories of Hard Work

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Billings, Henry
Billings, Melissa Stone
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There are five stories in this oversized pamphlet. The first, The Flies and the Bees from Australia, is illustrated by David Clar (2). The hard working bees eventually leave the lazy flies to play around the garbage pile. The story is similar to GA. The second story, Lady Ca'pa and the Eagle, comes from the Sioux and is illustrated by Glen Tarnowski (6). Lady Ca'pa is a beaver eager to to teach the eagle that hard work pays off. The Lazy Tunrit is an Eskimo story from Alaska and is illustrated by Deborah Healy (12). A fellow who is supposed to be scaring up Caribou just rubs the soles off of his boots against a rough stone. People find out and name the stone The Sole-Wearer-Outer. The Gold Harvest is a Thai story illustrated by John Dzedzy (16). Nai Hah Tong wants to turn copper into gold. He uses up all the money that he and his wife have on this quest. The wife in desperation goes to her father, and he undertakes a plan. He invites his son-in-law and claims to have found the process of converting copper into gold. But he can no longer take care of part of the process. He says he will need two jars of fuzz gathered from the underside of the banana leaf. The son-in-law eagerly takes up this project. While he is collecting the fuzz, his wife sells the bananas. When Nai Hah Tong finally has his two jars, the father-in-law tries to show him that growing the trees has been just as much a miracle as making gold out of copper would have been. The final selection is Chant of the Working People by David Chericián, illustrated by David Tamura. It honors factory workers, farmers, fishers, miners, and all other working people. There are acknowledgements on 30. Strangely, a source is acknowledged for only three of the five selections.
Young People's Press, Inc.
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