Reflection for Friday, September 22, 2006: 24th week in Ordinary Time.

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Lanahan, Joan
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JESUS CHOSE WOMEN AND MEN||The liturgical readings these days center on discipleship: the call of Matthew, the sower and the seed soon to follow, today the women and men. Jesus calls each one _ woman and man. Jesus' call is personal. Each of us is called with our unique gifts.|Gifts begin with the heart. They have been given to us to give. First, though, we need to hear Jesus' invitation to recognize them, be grateful for them, and be ready to give them away. With the ears of our heart we hear God nudging us to use our gifts.|Gifts are for community, not to be horded but given generously. Community is built by women and men working together in collaboration. We are all needed.|In our parish community there is a lovely younger woman in a wheelchair. She wanted so much to participate in liturgy and asked to be trained to be a lector. Now, periodically, she wheels her electric chair to the front and with the microphone proclaims God's word. At that same liturgy is a very large family of young children. While Dad and a son and a daughter sing in the choir, Mother, son and 3 other daughters sing with the congregation. What a gift all of these people are to our community.|Jesus called men and women to be disciples. Don't you think some children tagged along too? He called these people "friends". Who are the disciples of Christ that you know today? What gifts do they offer to which community? It may not be your church community. It may be civic or the world community.|Remember that discipleship is not dependent on gender. Rather, it is God's call to intimacy with God and to reaching out to others. This world is only going to change for the better when we each do our part to Build a Better World.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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