Reflection for Tuesday, October 19, 2004: 29th week in Ordinary Time.

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Crawford, Sue
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"Amen, I say to you, he will gird himself, have them recline at the table, and proceed to wait on them." ||This verse from the reading in Luke struck me as I read through the readings for the day. It contrasts with the lectionary reading from a couple of weeks ago when we were reminded that faithful servants should not expect praise and rewards for doing their job. In the gospel of Luke today we have an incredible image of a master returning home tired from a trip who takes it upon himself to set a table and wait on the servants instead of having the vigilant servants take care of his needs. Can you imagine that happening? This would be the kind of master that one would want to serve. How incredible it is that this is the kind of master that Jesus is. This story reminds us of the visible symbol of Jesus as servant during the washing of the feet before the passion.|The reading from Ephesians reminds us of just how far Jesus was willing to go in his service to us. Far beyond the master who serves his servants a meal out of gratitude, Jesus makes us citizens and joint heirs and offers us each the gift of peace with God. Knowing that we have this peace, the psalm takes on a deeper meaning. We can reflect on the promises of peace knowing that we have access to salvation and peace and that we, "members of the household of God" are "being built into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit" and shy; where surely we shall see kindness and truth meet and justice and peace kiss. Today we can reflect on the awesome privileges we have through the incredible love that Jesus has for us and express our gratitude. What hymn expresses your gratitude? Can you keep that song in your heart today as a constant offering of gratitude?
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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