Fables of La Fontaine: Two Volumes in One

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La Fontaine, Jean de
Wright, Elizur (translator)
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I am happy to land this stated Fifth Edition of Elizur Wright's work. The only date apparent here is the 1842 on the verso of the title-page, indicating a date of entry into the clerk's office of the district court of the district of Massachusetts. It is not easy to place this book among the other early editions of Wright's work that I have. I have two from 1841, one of them a stated first American edition from Tappan and Dennet in New York and others elsewhere. This comes as two volumes in one. My other 1841 edition is a two-volume set, also from Tappan and Dennet, but it does not describe itself as a particular edition. There is a stated third edition from Tappan and Dennet in 1842. It is a pair of volumes. There is a two-volume set that describes itself as the fourth edition, published again by Tappan and Dennet. Its date is 1843. There is also a self-proclaimed fourth edition from a different publisher, Sanborn, Carter & Bazin in Boston. Might fourth edition here mean fourth edition done by this publisher? The date on this volume is 1856. There is as well a sixth edition from Tappan and Dennet in the same year of 1843. Again it is a two-volume set. There is an important printing in 1860: important, because it includes excellent reproductions of Grandville's work. This and the English publication of Boutet de Monvel in 1871 are the only occurrences of Wright in Bodemann. There is a whole grouping of editions in 1881 from Caldwell, Estes and Lauriat, and others. I am guessing that this volume is in continuity--as the next edition--with that done by Sanborn, Carter & Bazin in 1856. Notice the overlap of Bazin in both publishers. No illustrator is mentioned here on the title-page. The first volume ends abruptly at 247, and new pagination takes over on the next page. Each page is framed by a double-line border. There is a similar border in the edition from Sanborn, Carter & Bazin in 1856. What a bargain!
Bazin & Ellsworth
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