Reflection for Wednesday, October 28, 2009: Sts. Simon and Jude, Apostles.

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ter Kuile, Janine
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Have you ever heard the expression, "Keep your chin up". ... ? Someone encouraged me with those words the other day, I hadn't' heard that in a long time. It's amazing how four little words can create a new outlook ... if only for the time being. Reading the Gospel today I tried to visualize Jesus walking up that mountain, wearily overwhelmed with the task at hand, to choose his disciples, perhaps wondering to himself, will I choose the right ones? Will they be able to stay the course? Have I prepared them enough? How many of us who teach or counsel others, ask ourselves those very questions. Are we present enough to those who reach out for advice, love and affection or validation?||I recently found myself in a conversation with a friend who was expressing some distress from lack of a deep personal relationship in his life. I tried to point to our spiritual significance. Unfortunately too many people these days don't know how to pray, many have never prayed in their lives. He was struggling with what 'spirituality' meant! Clearly it is a difficult concept to wrap your head around if you've never been in a relationship with God. We know Jesus prayed often, even when he was not alone. Just imagine the countless times God must have encouraged him to 'keep his chin up'...|This past week has presented some challenging moments, encountering others who needed encouragement as much as I. Like the disciples, I need to put myself in a quiet place and allow God to talk to me, and not act when the situation tempts me to React, to come up with an answer. Can you hear Jesus say the words "Follow me"? Perhaps you know of someone for whom you would like to pray today that God will make his call clear.
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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