Reflection for April 3, 2013: Wednesday in the Octave of Easter.

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Shirley, Nancy
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What a glorious time of year this is!! It is spring time in the northern hemisphere - flowers are peeking their heads through the ground (and snow in some places). The daylight is longer and even the smell of the air is invigorating. New life is all around us - inviting us to hopeful. But even more than the flowers and the bright sunshine, we called to new life because we are Easter people. We have seen the real hope in our lives, in our very beings. The readings for today are full of that hope and life. I'm reminded of the words of Robert Browning: Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. As we bathe in the light of this weekend and the wonders of Easter, I truly believe the best is yet to be.||The story of Peter and John approaching the gate and seeing the beggar is a great one. How many times do we walk by the "beggars" in our lives? Sometimes we do stop and give them an offering but Peter and John gave so much more, not just the healing but the gift of our Lord. The man entered the temple, "walking and jumping and praising God." How often do I forget the gifts that are mine because of Him? How much of my life do I spend walking and jumping and praising God? I saw a beautiful sunrise this morning, I walk, I talk, I am blessed with the most wonderful husband, children, and grandchildren - certainly enough to cause someone to jump and praise God . . . Do I show my gratitude enough - I do try - it is not lost on me that I am incredibly blessed. That doesn't mean everything goes my way - I've had my tragedies and disappointments. I am always aware that no matter what, I am not alone. I know that what I have is in the name of Jesus and is possible because of Him.|I love the story of meeting on the road to Emmaus. The symbolism is so layered to me. The idea of meeting Jesus and not having "open eyes" is so telling of our everyday lives. How often have we met "Jesus" and we just didn't know it. There are numerous email stories circulating about such situations and only later when their "eyes are open" do the characters in the story realize they have indeed encountered Jesus. We are bombarded with so many things in our lives; it is so easy to walk with "unopened eyes," to not see what is the most important around us. We must learn to recognize when "our hearts burn within us." When the Holy Spirit makes its presence known to us through that burn it is essential that we embrace it and jump and praise God . . . the best is yet to be
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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