Reflection for January 9, 2019: Wednesday after Epiphany.

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Sr. Candice Tucci OSF
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"We have come to know and to believe in the love God has for us" Have I? Have we?|"There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear…so one who fears is not yet perfect in love."|Is John speaking out of experience as we find the apostles tossed amidst a storm at sea? In the midst of the storm, they see Jesus and find peace. Fear is dispelled. Seems they were struggling before they got into the boat in their effort to understand this person, Jesus. But now, in awe, and perhaps it was a mystical experience of recognizing Jesus in the chaos of their lives.  Have we done so too? Have I?|Where do we find Jesus, this Christ who is made known to all the nations in this time of Epiphany? St. Ignatius of Loyola would say we find Jesus in all things, people, places, and creation.|I am remembering, too, the prayer of St. Patrick:|"Christ with me,|Christ before me,|Christ behind me,|Christ in me,|Christ beneath me,|Christ above me,|Christ on my right,|Christ on my left,|Christ when I lie down,|Christ when I sit down,|Christ when I arise,|Christ in the heart of every person who thinks of me,|Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,|Christ in every eye that sees me,|Christ in every ear that hears me." |The first reading is a beautiful reading reminding us of the great love God has for each of us. "If we love one another, God remains in us and his love is brought to perfection in us." Amazing! God's love brought to perfection in us? God is love in us? God in us?! WOW! A thought to sit with for a while…|Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, in his writings reflects on Christ in the context of the universe. He says, "Cosmic energy is love."  This Love is the Christ, our God, interacting with us in every moment of every day.|"God is love, and those who remain in love remains in God and God in them."|Can you remember an "in the boat on a stormy sea" experience where you felt the love of Christ enfolding you and maybe hearing his words, "do not be afraid"?  "There is no fear, in love." Perhaps these words repeated in a mantra prayer form can bring one to peace and security.|While in Africa, I would repeat a prayer of St. Francis de Sales that I learned in the novitiate to a simple repetitive melody. "Live Jesus, I love Jesus, Live Jesus, whom I love." This, like a lullaby, always brought me peace, feeling safe in the arms of Christ.  It still does.|The Love of Christ IS WITH YOU.  Believe it!
University Ministry, Creighton University.
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